Cook with FoodStop third week

"Cook with FoodStop" - "chicken tortilla filled with paprikas and mushrooms, served with a side salad and home made sauce"

Ingredients for 4 people:
- 2 x breast of chicken
- tortilla wraps
- mushrooms
- paprikas (green and red)
- Kamis' pepper
- Pudliszki's ketchup

- Winiary's mayonaise
- Kamis' mustard
- salt
- cucumber
- Polski' oil

Dice the chicken breasts, slice the mushrooms and paprikas and fry it all together on Polski' oil till it's cooked. Add some Kami's pepper and salt to add extra flavour. The chicken should have a lovely gold colour.
Warm up the wraps in a microwave or in the oven till crispy. Once ready, in the middle of the tortilla add the chicken, mushrooms and paprikas and wrap it well. Your meal is ready!

To make the sauce, add 3 table spoons of Kamis' mustard, Pudliszki's ketchup and Winiary's mayonaise, mix it all together.

To make a side salad, cut the tomatoes and cucumber into small squares, left overs of the paprikas, slice thinly and mix it all together.

Remember - all of the products used to make this recipe can be found at FoodStop. Enjoy!


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