Cook with FoodStop

Today, we're launching a new project "Cook with FoodStop" - once a week, we will share with you a new recipe for a simple meal or snack. Something that you can make it yourself at home, using products that we sell in store.

"Polish - French toast"

Polish Chalka (Sweet Bread / Twist) with fresh oranges, bananas and Nutella. Ideal for a breakfast or afternoon treat / dessert.

Polish Village Bread LTD' Chalka, oranges,

bananas, Nutella, icing sugar, 2 x eggs, milk, butter, oil and vanilla sugar.

How to make it:
Mix the eggs with a 10ml of milk, half of spoon of vanilla sugar and half of spoon of icing sugar. Whisk it all together.
Slice Chalka into nice and thick pieces. Dip the bread (both side) into the wet mixture and fry in butter till golden brown. Serve it with fruits and/or Nutella.

Cooking time:

approx. 6-10 min. See photos for a list of ingredients required and inspiration on how to serve it.


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