No idea what to cook for dinner? As we are full of creative ideas, we will regularly publish recipes in this section to help you to prepare delicious, aromatic, and satiating meals with virtually no effort. There is also a warranty that all the required ingredients will be available in our shops.

Cook with FoodStop third week

"Cook with FoodStop" - "chicken tortilla filled with paprikas and mushrooms, served with a side salad and home made sauce"

Ingredients for 4 people:
- 2 x breast of chicken
- tortilla wraps
- mushrooms
- paprikas (green and red)
- Kamis' pepper
- Pudliszki's ketchup


Cook with FoodStop second week

It's week 2 of our "Cook with Food Stop" project - today, it's time for sandwiches! Just in time for lunchtime or tea time!

"Polish sandwiches"

- Polish bread - either Ko?odziej from The Polish Bakery or Domowy from Start M?yn

- Polish ham and/or salami - we stock over 100 different hams and cold meats to choose from
- Tomato


Cook with FoodStop

Today, we're launching a new project "Cook with FoodStop" - once a week, we will share with you a new recipe for a simple meal or snack. Something that you can make it yourself at home, using products that we sell in store.

"Polish - French toast"

Polish Chalka (Sweet Bread / Twist) with fresh oranges, bananas and Nutella. Ideal for a breakfast or afternoon treat / dessert.

Polish Village Bread LTD' Chalka, oranges,


Roladka drobiowa po Chi?sku (en)

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Galantyna z kurczaka po Meksyka?sku (en)

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Kurczak faszerowany po studencku (en)

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Faszerowaniec z g?sin? "wytrawnie" (en)

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